Atlas Hyper 3.5 Speaker Cable (Pair)

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The Atlas Hyper cables offer unbeatable value. The Hyper 3.5 is the cable that compliments larger speakers or those wanting to maximise the bass performance from their systems. Previously unheard of at the prices of these cables of is a PTFE dielectric and 6N pure (99.9999%) OFC conductors. Indeed the Hyper is almost certainly one of the finest Hi Fi performance bargains today.

The Hyper cables are available in 1.5sq mm, 2.0 sq mm, 3.5 sq mm and Bi-Wire options. Choose the 1.5 where bass isn't a priority or for rear speakers in a 5.1 system for example. Choose the Hyper 2.0 or 3.5 for increased bass and the Bi-Wire for improved high frequency information in a bi-wire speaker system. The audio signal as it transmits down the conductor, occupies various radial positions within the conductor according to frequency. The high frequencies occupy the periphery and the low frequencies the centre. The larger the conductor, the less is the obstruction to the low frequency signals. Larger conductors provide more bass.

The Atlas Hyper cables share many similarities with the more advanced Ascent models. The Hyper cables are smooth and refined allowing for continuous listening over a prolonged period without causing listener fatigue.

We sincerely recommend these are used in conjunction with the range of Hyper interconnects. The Asymmetrical will offer excellent clarity with definition; great for modern music. The Hyper Symmetrical offers a more sophisticated and relaxing analogue-like presentation with extra width, depth and height. The fully balanced Atlas Hyper Symmetrical with Atlas XLR plugs, should be used in a balanced system for optimum noise free results. All the Hyper speaker cables offer superb fidelity, however for the best results, the interconnects and the speaker cables were designed to match. If an interconnect is used that cannot feed throught to the speaker via the speaker cables, a complete signal, then it matters not how good the speakers or the speaker cables may be, they cannot recover information lost by an interconnect.

Note: the biggest complaint we hear from people calling our help line, is that their system sounds bright and they find it irritating. The cables they've been sold are usually silver plated cables. We don't try to skew the sound into a high frequency bias in order to impress by using silver plated conductors; good high frequency information is provided by improved VOP (velocity of propagation) and quality dielectrics. These can't be done on the cheap and we won't compromise our principals by selling something we don't feel is appropriate or with which we don't feel comfortable.

Complementary products:

Complementary products are the excellent Hyper Symmetrical interconnect fully balanced with Atlas solder free XLR plugs, the Symmetrical pseudo balanced Hyper interconnect with Atlas conjugate bracket RCA plugs, the Hyper digital interconnect, the Hyper 1.5 and 2.0 speaker cable and Hyper Bi Wire speaker cable all with Atlas solder free Z Plugs or OFC spades.

Recommended accessories:

Recommended accessories for even better results, are the Atlas Eos power cables and the Atlas Eos balanced power supply.

Removal of the brass links between HF and LF terminals typically provided on speakers, and their replacement with better quality Atlas links will also contribute to much improved sound and listening pleasure.

DNA of Atlas Audio Cables

The Atlas range of products has gathered 'five star' awards and superb reviews since its introduction.

Product Specifications:
Construction : 60 Concentric Strands x 2
Conductor Material : OFC
Dielectric : Teflon
Connector : Z-Plug or OFC Spade
Outer Diameter (mm) : 8.0mm
Available Lengths
Lengths :

2.0m 3.0m 5.0m

Custom lengths also available

50m Reel

Technical Data
Capacitance (pF/m) : 72.72 PF/M at 1KHz
Resistance (Ohms/m @20°C): : 0.0055 Ω/M at 20oC—
Inductance (µH/m @1 kHz) : uH/M at 1khZ
Velocity of propagation : 0.72 VOP

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