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Headphone Spares

Do you already own a pair of headphones and wish to benefit from our extensive range of spare parts and accessories? Here you can find the components compatible for your product!

    Headphone Spares

    We are the worldwide supplier of official Sennheiser spares, parts and accessories for their consumer headphones and earphones. If you require replacement genuine Sennheiser leads, drive units, earpads, headbands or earbuds then we are able to help. Stocking hundreds of spare parts on site means we can quickly get the replacement part to you wherever you are in the world. We also supply spares and parts for Grado, Goldring, Yamaha, B&W and many other headphone manufacturers.

    Sennheiser BA151 Battery
    CODE: 004146

    This rechargeable Sennheiser battery fits the RS30 / RS40 / RS45 / RS60 / RS65 / RS80 / RS85 / IS150 / IS300 / SET810 / SET250 / SET500 / SET820 / SET2500...


    Sennheiser BA300 Battery
    CODE: 500898

    This rechargeable BA300 Sennheiser battery fits the following headphones; RS4200


    Sennheiser BA90 Battery
    CODE: 079656

    This Sennheiser 2.5v rechargeable battery fits HDI490 / HDI550 / HDI450 / HDI550A / HDE 1030-2-D1-B / HDE 1030-2-D2-B / HDE 1030-2-D2-B / HDE 1030-3-UK1-D


    Replacement Battery For MXW1 Receiver Pair - Discontinued
    CODE: 525770
      P.O.A. - Contact Us for Price  

    This is a pair of Sennheiser replacement batteries that fit into the MXW1 headphone.