Meridian Director (Direct) USB DAC

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Introducing the Meridian Director USB DAC:

Director is a compact high-resolution DAC from Meridian that delivers best-in class performance from a variety of digital devices. Featuring a range of connectivity, Director can be used with a wide range of traditional components as well as high resolution USB based sources.

Director is designed to appeal to an aspiring audio enthusiast who seeks the highest possible performance from conventional audio sources, or PC, at an affordable price.

Director has the capability to be used as an add on to SONOS or other streaming system.

• Why do I need the Director?

• Leverages years of Meridian market leadership in D/A category
• Best in class re-entry in D/A category
• Invites more audio enthusiasts to the Meridian brand
• Builds on Explorer’s success

• What does Director do?

Director takes on the role of the computer sound card bypassing internal computer audio circuitry and using Meridian’s high quality audio components, digital clocking, upsampling, apodizing filter and DAC to deliver best-in-class sound through the 2 analogue outputs.

Why do I need Director?

Director effortlessly converts a digital sound source to an analogue output; a process that is difficult to achieve without losing the passion that’s found within the music you want to listen to. Meridian’s many years of expertise and experience in the field of the digital domain and specificall with digital to analogue conversion provides a truly emotional and engaging experience.

Director can be used with many devices that have a digital coax or optical output including; CD players and Music Streamers with the aim to produce an audiophile analogue stereo output to connect to your desired system.

What does Director do?

Director preforms the digital to analogue conversion using precision reference oscillators, precise digital clocking and utilises the same audiophile grade components found within Merdian's flagship 800 Series, Director allows for native 24/192 audio streams via USB and upsamples & apodises any 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz audio stream from either a USB or S/PDIF connection, the individual inputs can be independently selected on the front of the Director by pressing the recessed button .

When using the USB connection on Director it takes on the role of the computer sound card by bypassing internal computer audio circuitry and using Meridian’s high quality audio components to deliver best-in-class sound.

What are the benefits?

Due to its carefully selected audiophile grade components, highly tuned audio circuitry and advanced audio processing with thanks to upsampling and apodising from either USB or S/PDIF, Director produces true high fidelity sound from your digital source or computer.

• Why purchase Director and NOT Explorer?

With its larger chassis, Director can utilise larger parts and higher quality connections over the Explorer. An external power supply is used to lower noise and provide higher audio performance. Director also employs Meridian’s highly acclaimed resolution enhancement technologies, upsampling and apodising.

What inputs does the Director have?

Director has 1 USB and 2 Digital audio inputs. The digital input is a single 3.5mm combination socket that allows either Optical or Coax digital inputs; adaptors for both types are included.

What outputs does the Director have?

Analogue stereo pair (gold-plated phono) 2v RMS fixed.

•Does the Director have a headphone socket?

No. It is designed as a high quality home DAC. Its outputs can however be connected to a headphone preamplifier for private listening.

Does Director have a variable output (volume control)?

No. It requires connection to a preamplifier for volume control.

Does Director benefit from upsampling and apodising?

Yes. Director shares this with our Reference 800 Series. Director upsamples and apodises any 44.1 kHz or 48kHz sample frequency signal to 88.2kHz or 96kHz with a 24 bit depth (24/88.2 or 24/96) on either USB or SPDIF input.

• Upsample the audio signal before Director?

This isn’t necessary and sometimes better if a native lower resolution is passed to Director.

For example; when playing a CD from a CD player or a native 16/44.1 (CD quality) or 16/48 (DVD quality) audio stream from a computer, Director will upsample and apodise the incoming audio signal using unique algorithms and techniques to 24/88.2 or 24/96 (dependent on the original input signal). This means configuring a computer to output a higher resolution from a native CD or DVD quality audio stream is not using Meridians unique sonic advantages.

•Can Director remember inputs after power outage?

Yes. Director will go to “last input” after power is restored. This ensures the Director is maintenance free even in situations of power loss.  This makes Director ideal for use in cabinets and racks.

•Is Director made in the UK?

Yes. Director is designed and manufactured by the same skilled artisans that manufacture all Meridian products.

•How does Director get power?

Director receives power via the USB input, either from the included power supply or from the computer’s USB output.

• What do Director’s lights mean?

USB = the USB input is selected.

S/PDIF = the Coax/Optical input is selected.

1x = light indicates there is a connection and Director is receiving a 44.1/48kHz signal.

2x = light indicates Director is receiving a 88.2/96kHz signal.

4x = light indicates Director is receiving a 176.4/192kHz signal.

• Is Director an asynchronous USB DAC?

Yes. Director operates asynchronously using on-board high quality discrete audio clocks for the DAC and S/PDIF output rather than low quality audio clocks derived via USB from the computer.

• What are the benefits?

• Born from a passion for music
• Highest sound quality by Bob Stuart
• Iconic design by Allen Boothroyd
• Hand made in Huntingdon, UK
• Simple to use
• Universal connectivity
• Precision reference oscillators
• Resolution enhancement including up sampling and apodising
• Audiophile grade components as found in 800 Reference Series
• High quality sockets
• Native 192kHz/24bit playback

• Upsampling and apodizing filter
• Direct-coupled analogue output stage




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DAC Specification

Harmonic Distortion:
Frequency Response:
Maximum Sampling Frequency:
Digital USB Input:
Asynchronous USB Data:
Headphone Amplifier:
Dimensions (WxHxD mm):
102 x 32 x 18


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