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With the flagship planar magentic ERIB-1a, oBravo have used one of the most advanced hi-fi driver technologies in the world called Planar Magnetic. They have coupled this with a Neodymium Dynamic Driver (NDD) to deliver one of the most staggering, astonishing sounds conceivable from a universal earphone. These breathtaking earphones have been designed to deliver the very finest treble performance of any earphones in its class. Enhanced by its coaxial structure design, these earphones enable a brand new listening experience.

From studio recordings to live performances, the Planar and NDD produce a full spectrum of audio. Every nuance is captured and heard. Every note is felt.

The ERIB-1 comes in 3 different versions in order to slightly alter the sonic representation to suit everyones individual listening requirements. The all aluminium EAMT-1a (Aluminium) gives a very neutral balance to your music. The ERIB-1w (Wood) arrives with a luxurious Acacia wood driver enclosure. This increases the tonal balance of the earphone very slightly and adds a degree of extra warmth to the audio. The top of the line ERIB-1c is produced using a hand made precision ceramic enclosure. The ceramic version provides the ultimate in style and substance. The level of sonic details improves yet again with the ceramic version, increasing the texture of the bass notes and giving an outlandishly lavish soundstage.

In order to keep you listening to your earphones for a prolonged period of time your ERIB-1a’s are supplied with comfortable Comply ear tips.


  1. The World’s first Coaxial two-way IEM design by an using a Planar Magnetic tweeter and Neodymium Dynamic Driver to deliver a rich sound stage comparable only to full sized headphones.
  2. World class Comply ear tips used for a balanced sound stage.
  3. 3 different enclosure materials. An Acacia wood ear cup designed model (ERIB-1w). A Precision Ceramic ear cup designed model with the ERIB-1C and an aluminium EAMT-1a to provide a choice for different sound styles.
  4. Easy way to enjoy a ultimate sound from a balanced output by using an optional 2.5mm Balanced cable.


  • Frequency Response: 15Hz~35KHz
  • Tweeter: 8mm Planar Magnetic Tweeter
  • Dynamic Driver: 12mm Neodymium Driver
  • Impedance: 16 ohm
  • Sensibility in dB: 105dB
  • Weight: 35 g

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Headphone Features

Transducer Type:
AMT + Dynamic
Ear Cup:
Headphone Type:
  • HiFi Headphones
  • In Ear Headphones
Frequency Range:
15 - 45,000
Cable Length (m):


These are the only in ears that have made me get goose bumps listening to a song and there have been so many "WOW" moments that I've lost count. These can literally handle any genre I throw at them and I feel transported next to the band. Classical, rap, dance, live rock - doesn't matter!

I've also a/b tested these next to LCD3 and these totally hold their own!! Endgame? For me quite probably!!

Some of the tracks that stood out so far for me (all on Tidal hifi mode) :-

Batman returns - Hans Zimmer (low frequency bass)
Live superman soundtrack - John Williams (sound stage)
Alison Krauss and Union Station (vocals, natural guitar and bass)
Celine Dion live in Las Vegas (vocals are INSANE on the wonderful world song)
Coldplay - live 2012 (just love the soundstage as I've just seen Coldplay for real and this takes me there)
Daft punk - random access memories (love the bass lines)
Eric Clapton - unplugged and Madison square live (clarity)
Eagles - hell freezes over (instrument separation is incredible)

The thing with these in-ears is that you very quickly stop analysing the music because they're just so much fun and before you know it you've been listening for 5 hours.
The bass is huge on these however the bass adds a natural warmth to the sound that you get from listening to a band live - the vocals are front and center and you can even hear the artist breathing into the microphone (I can even hear the slight change in frequency as the microphone picks up Celine's voice). The treble is incredible thanks for the AMT tweeter although it never becomes harsh like some of the mainstream brands that lead to fatigue.

When you go back to another in-ear after listening to these they just feel lifeless and flat..

When I bought these I also auditioned the ie800 and the Shure SE846 and the oBravo is simply in a different league altogether.
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