Sennheiser Momentum / M2 / HD1 / CX Replacement Ear Adaptors, In-Ear Earbuds (Black/Translucent, Small)

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Official Sennheiser Spare Part No. 561097

x5 (five) pairs of replacement ear adaptors / ear buds for Sennheiser Momentum, Momentum 2, HD1, CX series in-ear earphones, size S (small), colour black/translucent.

Also available in other colours:

Also available in other sizes:

Fits the following Sennheiser earphone models:

  • M2 iEi Black, Red/Black (Momentum In-Ear, iPhone)
  • M2 iEi Red (Momentum In-Ear, iPhone)
  • M2 iEi Chrome (Momentum In-Ear, iPhone)
  • M2 iEi Black/Chrome (Momentum In-Ear, iPhone)
  • M2 iEi Travel Black/Chrome (Momentum In-Ear, iPhone Travel)
  • M2 iEG Black, Red/Black (Momentum In-Ear, Galaxy)
  • M2 iEG Red (Momentum In-Ear, Galaxy)
  • M2 iEG Chrome (Momentum In-Ear, Galaxy)
  • M2 iEG Black/Chrome (Momentum In-Ear, Galaxy)
  • M2 IEBT Black (Momentum In-Ear Wireless)
  • M2 IEBT Black HD (Momentum In-Ear Wireless HD)
  • M2 IEBT SW Black (Momentum Free In-Ear Wireless)
  • M2 IEBT SW Black HD (Momentum Free In-Ear Wireless HD)
  • M2 IEBT SW SE (Momentum Free In-Ear Wireless)
  • HD1 In-Ear i, Black (In-Ear Earphone)
  • HD1 In-Ear i, Black Chrome HD (M2 In-Ear Earphone)
  • HD1 In-Ear i Travel, Black Chrome HD (M2 In-Ear Earphone)
  • HD1 In-Ear G, Black (M2 In-Ear Earphone)
  • HD1 In-Ear G, Black Chrome (M2 In-Ear Earphone)
  • CX3.00 Black
  • CX3.00 Red
  • CX5.00 Black
  • CX6.00 BT
  • CX7.00 BT
  • CX Sport
  • CX 300S Red

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