STAX SR-009S Headphones

Thursday, 19 July 2018

After a prolonged period of time at the top of the hill, the legendary SR-009 is being upgraded, with the SR-009S headphones. With a much improved driver element, and rigid chassis, the latest SR009S is certainly a step up in performance.

Sound element with new fixed electrodes
By fixing the electrode diaphragm it can become infinitely thinner, the air resistance will be de-creased and the permeability of sound waves will be improved. Technically thinner electrodes are poor in rigidity and suffer from vibrations of their own and the sound can become muddy and this is something that STAX had to overcome. The SR-009S has an improved the electrode design further than in the SR-009 with the integration of the most adavanced technology available.

The edges of the electrode holes have been smoothened using an after-etching process to reduce air resistance, and make the permeability of sound even better. Moreover, by gold plating the electrode it has further decreased any unwanted vibrations. Finally, the sound clarity has been achieved by reducing the resistance of the electrode itself.

Tough solid aluminum chassis
The solid aluminium chassis firmly secures the driver, contributing to an improved clarity of sound. Furthermore, the case thickness has been reduced to limit the flow of condensation-and-rarefaction air waves from the sound element more smooth.

New designed guard mesh
The intensity has been increased by giving roundness to the “guard mesh” of the sound element, which has lowered the influence of reflection and improved the resolution of the sound being produced.

●Type:push-pull electrostatic large circular sound element, open-air type enclosure
●Frequency response:5 – 42,000Hz
●Electrostatic capacitance:110pF (including cable)
●Impedance:145kΩ (including cable, at 10kHz)
●Sound pressure sensitivity:101dB / input 100Vr.m.s. / 1kHz
●Bias voltage:DC580V
●Right/left channel indication: Golden solid line (left) and dotted line (right) on the cable
●Earpad:Genuine leather (skin touching portion), high-quality artificial leather (surrounding portion)
●Cable:Silver-coated 6N (99.9999%) OFC parallel 6-strand, low-capacity special wide cable, 2.5m full length

●Weight:583g (including cable), 441g (without cable)