Synergistic Research SR20 RED Quantum Audio Grade Fuses



SR20 RED Quantum are a range of custom alloy treated, high-end audio grade fuses.

SR RED Quantum Fuses are a German-built, custom ceramic fuse, made from a unique two-million-volt treated alloy. The product address a commonly-overlooked component in the signal chain which introduces noise at a fundamental level.

What Are Audio Grade Fuses?

Audio-grade fuses offer an extremely cost-effective way to boost the performance of your entire Hi-Fi system, at the precise point where the driving flow of electricity enters the equation. We are extremely confident in the ability of this product to improve the performance of any system, and use them in our London showroom. We think that SR RED Quantum Audio-Grade Fuses offer a positive contribution towards improving your enjoyment of the music.

Multiple Combinations & Options

SR RED Quantum Fuses are available in over 60 possible combinations of size, response time, and amperage. We're sure you can find the perfect value for your audio system. Use the dropdown selector above to choose:

  • Fuse Dimensions - 5mm x 20mm, or 6.3mm x 32mm (plus 6.3mm x 25.4mm for UK Mains Plugs only)
  • Response Rate - Fast Blow or Slow Blow (plus Standard for UK Mains Plugs only)
  • Amperage - From 50mA to 20A (13A only for UK Mains Plugs)

Quantum - Red - Black - Blue

SR Quantum Fuses are also available in four grades of purity, quality and price:

Synergistic Research

Synergistic Research have developed some of the world's most innovative solutions like PowerCell line conditioners the Acoustic ART room treatments, MiG component resonators, Galileo Universal Cable Cells. The company focuses on a total system approach towards promoting synergy in your system. All aspects of performance are taken into account, because there's more to synergy than just cables & connectors.

SR have also pioneered ground-breaking technologies, including Active Shielding (with air dielectrics) and custom tuneable cables (with Enigma Bullets) to get closer to the music than ever before. Synergistic Research also looked at one most important parts of any music system - the AC wall socket. The quality, structure, and efficiency of the power entering your music system plays a profound role in the musicality and dimensionality of your audio reproduction capabilities.

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