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Music in a unique space: listening through Ultrasone Edition 5 headphones is like having your own private concert hall on your head.

Using S-Logic EX® for the first time, Ultrasone’s new masterpiece produces music with a spatial quality previously unknown for headphones. A broad stereo platform and vivid tonal depth gradation turn both classical and modern music into a very special experience. Although the Edition 5 headphones are dynamic, with a closed-back construction, the treble range is uniquely smooth and transparent. However, the closed design is equally good for the lower frequencies: the bass frequency range comes across with absolute precision. In combination with the transparent mid range, the music is therefore reproduced exactly as the artist intended.

A sophisticated tuning process means that the Edition 5 headphones are unrivalled in terms of acoustics: the two titanium-coated 40 mm sound transducers were specially designed to be used
with S-Logic EX®. Before they are installed, they are tested by hand and painstakingly matched.
This ensures that the two miniature speakers in an Edition 5 model sound absolutely identical. With a frequency range of 5 Hz to 46 kHz, these sound transducers are capable of reproducing every nuance of the music in a way that is absolutely true to the original.

S-Logic EX® adds a new dimension to spatial listening

S-Logic EX® is a revolutionary refinement of Ultrasone’s patented S-Logic technology and is making its world début in this anniversary masterpiece. This innovation is based on a peripherally positioned, funnel-shaped arrangement for the sound transducer, oriented downwards to the front, which results in a much more spatial effect. The listening experience is practically indistinguishable from that of studio monitors and, unlike with speakers, is not dependent upon room acoustics. The main purpose of S-Logic EX® technology is to further optimise the already very impressive S-Logic effect. Intensive research and many years of testing have resulted in this special arrangement of the sound transducers.

“With S-Logic we have set a new standard for spatial listening via a peripheral sound transducer arrangement,” comments Michael Zirkel, COO of Ultrasone AG. “S-Logic EX® embraces this peripheral concept, but adds a third dimension with the positioning of the speakers: the funnelshaped arrangement facing downwards to the front, and the extra distance from the ear thus gained, intensifies reflections, giving music a unique spatial quality, as in a listening room with top-quality speakers and premium hi-fi components.”

Special wood grain makes each model unique

Edition 5 headphones are handmade at Ultrasone’s factory in Bavaria. It is here, between the impressive backdrop of the Alps and Lake Starnberg, that the latest Edition model is crafted with
the requisite calm. This involves subjecting each component to comprehensive visual and technical inspection before they are assembled by skilful hands to produce a unique set of headphones.
Not only is bog oak a particularly high-quality and exclusive material that characterises the unique Edition 5 design. Also, due to the individual wood grain of this ancient tree, each set of headphones is one of a kind. When selecting the wood, the inlay carpenter at the Ultrasone factory takes care to ensure that the markings on this special material are displayed to maximum effect on both ear cups. The ear cups are decorated with a wafer-thin, laser-etched Edition 5 aluminium logo. As the finishing touch, an elaborate seven-layer varnishing process brings out the natural beauty of the wood and protects it against dust and moisture.

Optimum wearing comfort for hours of uninterrupted music pleasure

When developing headphones, Ultrasone focuses on three central aspects: sound, design and wearing comfort. Three complementary aspects: the Edition 5 ear cups are therefore dimensioned so that they can be worn comfortably around the ear and at the same time emphasise the strong lines without appearing to dominate through their size. The ear pads, which are covered with the finest leather, are guaranteed to sit comfortably, but also significantly enhance the sound of the headphones. For this, the Ultrasone developers have chosen a material that fulfils both requirements perfectly. Because it feels so comfortable to wear, Ethiopian long-haired sheep leather was chosen, as it was for the other Edition models too. Not only does this material have a unique feel and excellent insulating properties against external noise, but it is especially hard-wearing and keeps its shape for many years.

Exclusive accessories for a unique listening experience

Ultrasone has developed a comprehensive set of accessories to go with every new Edition 5.
It comprises a high-quality case for storing the headphones themselves as well as the connecting cables. The headphones also come with a top-quality headphone pouch, perfect for packing the Edition 5 for travelling or to protect them from dust when kept on their stand. The new stainless steel Edition headphone stand is the perfect way to display the headphones at home.

Audiophiles don’t want to do without their high-quality sound system when they travel either. Therefore Ultrasone has equipped the Edition 5 with a detachable cable system. The headphones come with two high-quality OFC cables with gold-plated Neutrik connectors: a 4 m cable with 6.3 mm stereo jack provides the perfect connection to the headphone preamp or amplifier at home. The 1.8 m mini jack cable is intended for usage on the move and enables the listener to enjoy music from a smartphone or tablet, or from portable preamps.

Ultrasone is proud of the quality of its headphones. Premium, hand-selected materials and high-precision manufacturing by hand guarantee listening enjoyment for a long time to come. Hence Ultrasone offers a 5-year guarantee.

Ultrasone Edition 5 headphones are limited to 555 pieces; each model bears an individual serial number.

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