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The demand for In-Ear systems continues to grow as we all look to enjoy audio while on the move. You can now pick up a pair of “In-Ear style” headphones on just about any high street. However, the quality of audio reproduction in these solutions varies dramatically. And this is understandable when you consider that you are asking a sound that may have been produced in a large concert hall or studio, to be squeezed through tiny drivers.


Ultrasone, who are known for their uncompromising headphone design and quality, have recently been inundated with requests from audio lovers around the world to bring that same amazing quality to an In-Ear system. So, the Ultrasone Tio & IQ were designed to meet the demand of music lovers, professional musicians and sound engineers everywhere.


Ultrasone IQ In-Ear System


The Ultrasone IQ in –ear system, made of quality superior metal die casting, combines the best designs from two audio worlds with its bi-directional hybrid technology. A dynamic 8mm driver with powerful Neo magnets is responsible for the robust and precise bass playback, while the micro driver (balanced armature) is controlled by a frequency separating filter, which in turn is responsible for the reproduction of crystal-clear mid and high-tones. This stunning in-ear system’s unique ergonomics make it possible for the IQ to be worn comfortably for a lengthy period. 
The outstanding isolation against background noise allows you to concentrate completely on the music. This makes every air and rail journey, or sports activity, a unique solo-concert experience.
2 high-quality detachable cables are included as standard. These can be flexibly reinforced in the ear zone to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The multimedia cable is equipped with a microphone and remote control. This allows music and telephone calls on the smartphone to be conveniently managed. The audio cable without a microphone is outstandingly suited to use on stage, for sport or for pure audio enjoyment.


The IQ comes in a luxurious genuine leather box which is also spacious enough to accommodate the cable. 2 interchangeable cables, 5 pairs of silicone earbud tips and 2 pairs of high-quality TX-100 Comply foam earbud tips are included as standard, as is a flight adapter and an OMTP adapter for a huge variety of smartphones.




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