van den Hul The Air Speaker Cable (Per Pair)

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Next to the four lead 3T speakercable The CLOUD Hybrid, van den Hul has introduced a four lead cable in approx. the same diameter as the Fusion Technology The Inspiration but then equiped with our new 3T conductors, called 3T The AIR.

The 3T The AIR cable is a four lead construction that can be used for stereo (2-2), bi-wire (2-4) and/or bi-amp (4-4) applications.

The Termination is done with our special 3T Rhodium plated Berri busconnectors.


The achieved goals with 3T

1. No application or any mix of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper. This to avoid specific price

changes thanks to wild market speculations.

2. No material fatigue problems: This to avoid dramatic sound-quality reductions.

3. Big tensile strength: Very supportive in case of accidents.

4. Never any surface or internal oxidation: This to avoid sound harshness.

5. Difficult to copy the manufacturing technology to avoid the same quality statements from

the competition or copy-cats.

6. Able to create multiple strand configurations: Helps in the design of different concepts.

7. Anyhow a very stable amorphous structure: Essential for high quality live sound.

8. Able to handle high temperatures: No environmental effects like what happens with e.g. Car


9. No electroplating: Keeps the integrity of the conductor on 100% in any environment.

10. Fibre-wise very flexible: Produces no mechanical stress on the conductors in total

11. No Chemical aging allowed: This avoids a fast decline of the sound quality

12. No Mechanical aging: This also avoid a fast deterioration of the transmission quality.

13. Very low number of internal boundaries to avoid Structure Cross Distortion.

14. Natural dynamics without any compression: To stay close to the reality.

15. Very high resolution even on very low signal levels: This supports the awareness and joy of

the natural acoustics and the “feel” of the seize of the recording room or concert hall.

16. A very short run-in time and afterwards no changes in the sound character anymore.

17. A very long period of reliable operation: Minimal for 25 years. “We last longer.”

18. In all 3T designs never any environmental dangerous and hazardous material is used.

19. A sound-signal transmission very close to natural and live sound-quality

20. A high sound quality independent of the equipment used: Universal audible quality all over

the world.

Soundwise: Very clear female voices and violins without any interference and/or intermodulation. With

analogue signals, these effects are very easy to hear. The way back to the former used cables is hardly

possible. With the somewhat scrambled digital signals, also here sound should be cleaner. Fundamentally

the sound I regularly experienced in Vienna attending performances in the “Musikverein” and “Wiener



Can only be factory terminated, not available on reel.


Cable Type:

Four lead conductor

Conductor Material:


Design Purpose/
Application Area(s):

Loudspeaker cable

Eff. Conductor Ø/Eq. AWG No./Strands:

Each single lead: 2.0mm / AWG 12 / 42 Ground lead: 0.9mm / AWG 19 / 21 x 0,15mm

External Diameter /

10 mm

Insulation / Dielectric Strength / Test Voltage:

HULLIFLEX ® 4 / 300 Vrms min.

Jacket Colours Available:


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