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The very best power cables are built around low series resistance, safe and stable dielectrics and high tech screening. Eos Superior by Atlas Cables excels in all these areas, delivering exceptional fidelity and superior protection against the threat of RF radiation, eliminating airborne and electromagnetic disturbance effects rapidly to earth.

Eos Superior is specifically designed for the high-end audiophile systems, and high current draw devices. It is the optimum cable to use between wall socket and Atlas Eos Modular power blocks.

Using pure OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast Copper) 4mm² conductors, in an all-new advanced multi-layer screened configuration, with the Atlas dd (dual drain) system and precision-engineered silver-plated mains plugs and IEC connectors. Eos Superior is constructed to extremely high standards, all mechanical terminations are damped (as is the cable itself) and particular attention is paid to airtight terminations throughout.

Ensuring a clean power supply is a fundamental step in optimising the performance of sophisticated audio & home cinema systems. Clean, quality power necessitates cables highly-resistant to external interference and noise on the mains.

Atlas Dual-Drain (dd) System

The "dd" configuration is a simplified version of the techniques Atlas developed for their top-of-the-range Mavros and Asimi interconnects. Twin symmetrical drain wires connect the screen to the cable return/plug interface, meaning the cable can be terminated without distorting, twisting or mechanically stressing the screen. The benefits are a consistent low impedance load to the plug, and a total 360° screening against noise and signal loss caused by RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).

Available Lengths

Eos Superior power cable is available in the following lengths:

  • 1.00 metres
  • 1.50 metres
  • 2.00 metres
  • 3.00 metres
  • 5.00 metres
  • Custom lengths available - please call us!

Available Terminations

Eos Superior power cable is available with the following termination options at the mains and equipment ends of the cable:

  • Mains End
    • 13A 3-Pin (UK-style, fitted as standard)
    • Schuko 2-Pin (EU-style, available as special order)
    • Nema 3-Pin (USA-style, available as special order)
  • Equipment End
    • C15 10A Connector (Standard "Kettle-type" connector)
    • C19 16A Connector (High current, larger format IEC connector)
    • C7 ("Figure-8" connector)

Luxe Finish Options

Atlas Cables offer a range of special Luxe finish options for this premium power cable. Four standard leather colours plus optional finishes available in contrasting or self-colour stitching options. Bespoke colour matching options (RAL or Pantone) are also available.

Please contact Audio Sanctuary to discuss your requirements if you would like to pursue the Luxe options.


  • Mains Connector - Precision-machined mains connectors with silver-plated pins for low contact resistance. Available in UK (13A), Schuko (EU) & Nema (USA) versions depending on country of original supply.
  • OCC - OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) process was developed by Professor Ohno, from the Chiba Institute of Technology, to manufacture a very high purity single grain copper or silver. There are only a handful of companies in the world manufacturing via this method.
  • PTFE Dielectric - PTFE (Teflon™) is usually applied at higher temperatures and in combination with OFC conductors. OCC materials don’t like high temperatures (soldering, applying the dielectric etc) so application of a low temperature PTFE (Teflon™) or FEP work best with OCC conductors. This is especially critical at smaller conductor sizes.
  • Triple Multi-Core Construction - A pair of identically matched conductors (one for signal path, the other acts as the return conductor) enclosed within a non-conducting screen.


  • Construction: Multicore, dual drain, double screen
  • Material: OCC
  • Dielectric: Stabilised PVC
  • Screen: Multilayer Cu Mylar™ & woven screen
  • Capacitance: 195.09 Pf/m
  • Inductance: 0.377 µH/m
  • Resistance: 0.0050 Ohm/m
  • Outside Diameter: 15.0mm

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