Post-Brexit / VAT, Taxes & Shipping

The United Kingdom (UK) is no longer part of the European Union (EU).

A transition period was in place until 31st December 2020, and a new set of post-Brexit regulations now apply to all trade between the UK and the EU.

Audio Sanctuary is a trusted international supplier of audio-related products. We ship goods, accessories and spare parts to a global market. Here we have tried to clearly explain these new rules for our customers, so everyone is able to continue ordering from us with confidence.

1. VAT

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a tax applied to the sale of goods. The UK VAT rate is currently 20%.

Audio Sanctuary applies VAT according to your shipping address. All goods sent to UK and Northern Ireland destinations will be charged VAT at 20%, whilst all goods sent outside the UK, including to Jersey & Guernsey, will be charged VAT at 0%.

  • UK Shipping Address: VAT charged at 20%
  • NI Shipping Address: VAT charged at 20%
  • Non-UK Shipping Address: VAT charged at 0%
  • Jersey / Guernsey Shipping Address: VAT charged at 0%

Please note that your billing address has no effect upon VAT charges.

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2. Displayed Prices

The Audio Sanctuary website will attempt to display product prices either including VAT, or excluding VAT, according to your browsing location.

If you are viewing our website from within the UK, you should see VAT-inclusive prices. If you are viewing our website from anywhere outside the UK, you should see VAT-exclusive prices.

  • UK Viewers: Prices displayed including VAT
  • NI Viewers: Prices displayed including VAT
  • Non-UK Viewers: Prices displayed excluding VAT
  • Jersey / Guernsey Viewers: Prices displayed excluding VAT

Please be aware that the location of some network servers, or the use of a VPN may affect the prices you see, especially when browsing as a guest.

To prevent confusion, please login to your account: Logged-in customers will always see prices displayed according to the shipping address stored in their account profile.

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3. Import Taxes, Customs Duty & Local Admin Fees

Goods shipped to non-UK destinations may be subject to Customs Duties and Import Tax / VAT upon entry at their border. In addition, some local jurisdictions may levy an additional administration fee.

This was always the case for non-EU destinations, however similar duties, taxes and fees will now apply to all EU destinations too.

All our European customers are advised to check the prevailing rates of import duty / VAT / fees in their own country, and expect to be charged accordingly upon receipt of their goods.

Audio Sanctuary are legally obliged to declare the correct value of export goods as part of our customs declarations paperwork. Please DO NOT ask us to declare a lower value in order to decrease your import charges.

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4. Shipping Charges

We have seen an incremental increase in shipping charges from ALL carriers post-Brexit.

As a competitive company, Audio Sanctuary is attempting to absorb as much of these increases as possible, however we may inevitably have to increase shipping costs to some destinations.

Please note that we are legally obliged to charge VAT on shipping according to the delivery address, exactly as shown in the VAT section above.

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Should you have any questions regarding the new trading arrangements, and how they will affect your order with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be able to advise on your specific situation, enabling you to buy from Audio Sanctuary with confidence.

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