Delivery Information

Unless you choose to visit our store and collect your order in person (so-called Click & Collect), Audio Sanctuary will use a postal service to ship your goods to you.

This page provides information to help you understand the different shipping options available for your location, and the features of each option. Please read carefully before placing an order.

Be sure to also check our Post-Brexit Information page for the latest shipping information to locations outside the United Kingdom.

Pick, Pack & Ship

Audio Sanctuary fulfils all customer orders from our premises in London, UK.

We maintain good stock levels at all times, however our warehouse does not have infinite capacity, and thus not every order can be fulfilled directly from stock.

Please note that our website displays products that are either in stock with us, OR listed as available from one of our many suppliers.

If your needs are urgent, we advise that you contact us before placing an order, and we will be able to advise you of the expected time to fulfilment.

Time To Fulfilment

For goods are in stock and ready to ship, we will usually manage to pick your order, pack it, and ship it out within 1 working day of receipt.

For goods that need to be sourced from one of our many industry suppliers, we will usually manage to source, receive, check and ship your order within 1-5 working days.

In all cases, we will notify you via email if we encounter any problems or delays.

Time To Delivery

You will receive an email from Audio Sanctuary when your order is shipped. Once the package has left our premises, the actual time to delivery will depend on two factors:

  1. The distance between our location and your specified shipping address.
  2. The delivery method chosen when placing your order.

Delivery Area

Regarding distance, we divide our delivery area into three regions:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Europe
  3. Rest Of World

Delivery Method

Regarding delivery method, we offer three levels of service for each of the regions:

  1. First Class
  2. Special Delivery
  3. Courier

Please note that depending on the total weight and/or total value of your order, some of the above delivery services may not be offered at the checkout. Audio Sanctuary also reserves the right to amend your delivery service, at our discretion, should circumstances require.

If you have a preference as to which delivery company you would prefer us to use, or wish to communicate information about your local situation, then please let us know at Checkout in the NOTES section when placing your order.

Free UK Shipping

Audio Sanctuary currently offer free first class shipping to all UK destinations on any order totalling £ 99 GBP or more, inclusive of VAT.

To qualify for this offer, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Your shipping address must be a UK destination.
  2. The total value of your order (inc-VAT) must be £99 or greater.
  3. You must select UK FIRST CLASS as your shipping option at checkout.

You can check if the promotion has been applied by looking at the Coupon Code section of the checkout (you will see "Free UK First Class Shipping" if all conditions are valid, and there will be zero shipping cost displayed.)

Please note that we will choose the most appropriate delivery service for your order, which may be first class post, tracked & signed, or courier. If your order is time-sensitive you are most welcome to choose a different (paid for) shipping option if you prefer.

Postal ID Number

In some territories (most notably Brazil, Russia and the Philippines) all postal deliveries require a postal identification number to be included on every shipment. If your country requires the use of such codes, we may not be able to ship your goods unless you share your postal ID with us when placing an order.

A field to enter your postal ID number is available at time of checkout, and can also be added to your Audio Sanctuary profile at any time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us before placing an order.

Region / Service Matrix

Click any service or scroll down for more details of their tracking, signature requirements, and stated delivery aims:

First Class Service Special Delivery Service Courier Service
UK Region Royal Mail First Class Royal Mail Special Delivery DHL / UKMail
Europe Region Royal Mail International Business Standard Royal Mail International Business Signed, Tracked, or Tracked & Signed DHL / FedEx / UPS
Rest Of World Region Royal Mail International Business Standard Royal Mail International Business Signed, Tracked, or Tracked & Signed DHL / FedEx / UPS

Delivery Aims

Please note the delivery AIMS of any postal or courier service may be affected by weather or road conditions, and other circumstances outside of their control. For non-UK territories this includes delays caused by customs clearance.

Audio Sanctuary is not responsible for any liability arising from delayed deliveries.

Royal Mail First Class

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Royal Mail Special Delivery

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Royal Mail International Business Standard

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Royal Mail International Business Signed

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Royal Mail International Business Tracked

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Royal Mail International Business Tracked & Signed

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DHL Courier

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UKMail Courier

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FedEx Courier

  • Tracking - Tracked end-to-end
  • Signature - Required
  • Delivery Aim - From 1-2 working days

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Need Help? Call Us!

In all cases, please do not hesitate to contact Audio Sanctuary if you have any queries about which delivery option is best for your circumstances.