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Headphones featuring electrostatic technology have been around for decades and offer a very unique sound and presentation. Generally these headphones have a beautifully smooth sound that wraps the music around you. Excelling with classical music and unsynthesized audio the electrostatic technology offers a very real presentation. 

These headphones require their own power supply unit in order to function and these will sometimes incorporate valves and DACs.

Shure KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphones

Shure KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System Featuring the world's first application of electrostatic technology for Sound Isolating earphones...

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Stax, Black / Silver

MUSICAL MILLENNIUM . If a technology is not suitable for music, you should not adopt it even if it is a high-tech. Every technology should contribute...


Stax SRS-3100 Electrostatic Earspeaker System

Stax SR-L300 Earspeakers The SR-L300 earspeaker employes new hand selected thin film diaphragm and tough stainless fixed electrodes. Rich deep...


Stax SRM - 727 MK II Energiser

About STAX In 1959 STAX developed the world’s first electrostatic headphone. Today STAX continues their tradition by offering the finest...

The SR-003 is a 5-pin PRO bias type in-the-ear earspeaker, and can be used by connecting to a driver unit having 5-pin PRO bias output socket. Also, the...


Stax, Black

Features: The first SR-Λ (lambda) series was introduced 30 years ago, and now the SR-507 has accomplished further evolution with its new...


In 1959 STAX developed the world’s first electrostatic headphone. Today STAX continues their tradition by offering the finest headphones for both...

Stax SRM - 007tII Energiser Kimik Edition

The Stax SRM-007T II SE Energiser is a special edition (also known as the "Kimik" version) of the SRM-007T II valve amplifier for use with the Stax range...

Stax SR-L700 Electrostatic Earspeaker System

System comprises of Stax SR-L700 Earspeakers and SRM-006tS Kimik Energiser SR-L700 Details -  The first Lambda series was...


STAX SRS-4170 Signature Earspeaker System  ( SR-407 / SRM-006tS ) The new high quality SRS-4170 employs the same sound element in it's SR-407...


Stax SRS-5100 Electrostatic Earspeaker System

About the SR-L500 Earspeaker The first SR-Lambda series was introduced 36 years ago and it has further developed into a new-generation SR-Lambda...


Stax, Black / Gold

But a particular sound isn’t yet a wave motion of the air; it doesn’t yet get the eardrums vibrating. But a created sound about to come into...