Chord Company Clearway HDMI 2.1 Cable

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Clearway HDMI Cable, by The Chord Company

Clearway HDMI takes materials and shielding to the next level, with zinc-shielded plugs, increased bandwidth and thicker high-quality copper conductors coated with a skin/foamed polyethylene insulation.

Five pairs of conductors are individually internally shielded, with the overall bundle further protected by a twin aluminium foil outer screen. A worthy addition to the award-winning Chord Clearway range.

The HDMI performance standard is one of the fastest-moving in the AV industry. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cables carry high-frequency signals alongside a 5-volt DC electric supply. These complex multi-purpose interconnects tend to be longer than most other cables in a system, with the possible exception of speaker cables.

Today’s high-technology house contains many devices producing high-frequency (HF) noise. Cables often act as aerials picking up this noise. Unfortunately, the longer the cable the better aerial it becomes. These unwanted high-frequency signals can penetrate unprotected cables and end up on the signal earth. To preserve these delicate signals, all Chord Company HDMI cables feature high-efficiency HF screening to minimise the noise pick-up.

Clearway 2.1 supports 8K at 60 Hz, 4K at 120 Hz, 48 GBps, Dynamic HDR, HDCP2.2, eARC, 3D and all HDMI audio formats. Available up to 3.0 metres in length.

Clearway 2.0 supports 4K, 2K, 60 Hz 18 GBps HDR, HDCP2.2, Deep Colour, Ethernet/audio return, 1080p, 3D and all HDMI audio formats. Available in lengths over 3.0 metres.


Chord Clearway HDMI is available in the following lengths / bandwidth options:

  • 0.75 Metre (2.1 / 8K / 48 Gbps)
  • 1.50 Metre (2.1 / 8K / 48 Gbps)
  • 2.00 Metre (2.1 / 8K / 48 Gbps)
  • 3.00 Metre (2.1 / 8K / 48 Gbps)
  • 5.00 Metre (2.0 / 4K / 18 Gbps)
  • 8.00 Metre (2.0 / 4K / 18 Gbps)
  • 10.00 Metre (2.0 / 4K / 18 Gbps)


  • Bandwidth: UHS 48 GBps up to 3 m / PHS 18 GBps 5 m+
  • Resolution: 8K / 4K
  • Dynamic Range: Dynamic HDR up to 3 m and HDR 5 m+
  • Operating Distance: Up to 10 m
  • Primary Conductors: Solid 25AWG OFC
  • Insulation: Foam-PE
  • Shielding: Braiding & AL foil
  • Cable Jacket: PVC
  • HDMI Connector Shell: Gold-Plated Copper
  • HDMI Connector Pins: 19-pin Gold-Plated Copper
  • Termination: Hand Soldering
  • HDMI Connector Backshell: PVC & Zinc Alloy
  • Cable Diameter: 8.2 mm

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