Dekoni Audio Nuggets Pressure Relief Pads (4 pads in a pack - 40mm / 27mm /20mm L/W/H)



Nuggets are the newest innovation from Dekoni Audio. Coming in a pack of four, the Nuggets are meant to give you relief from uncomfortable headbands on headphones. Nuggets are the perfect solution for the headband hotspots and weight distribution of heavy units. By creating multiple points of contact, Nuggets disperse the pressure so that you don’t have any painful points on your head, allowing you to listen to your music and not worry about anything else.

Nuggets are part of the CHOICE LEATHER series, made from high tech memory foam covered with a very soft & durable synthetic leather material. While not true leather, the material can considered a Vegan option for those that do not like to use leather products.

Nowadays, good quality headphones are an everyday part of many people’s lives: We spend a lot of money on them and expect years & years of lasting use. However like all things, some parts will wear out before others. Commonly the first part of any pair of headphones that will wear are the ear pads.

From constant use the oils on our body begin to wear the ear pads away, and telltale signs start to appear. From cheap construction leather flaking off, to the pad itself becoming discoloured and torn. Plus, if the headphones are used while running or working out in gyms, they can begin to smell - and nobody wants to let friends listen to a newly-discovered track or artist only to be turned away because your headphones smell.

Choice Leather Nuggets

Nuggets are available to fit the following models of headphones:

99 Classic, 99 Neo, AD900, AH-D2000, AH-D5000, AH-D7000, AKG, ATH-AD1000x, ATH-AD2000X, ATH-AD500X, ATH-AD700X, ATH-AD900X, ATH-M70X, ATH-MSR7, ATH-T2, ATHM20X, ATHM30X, ATHM40x, ATHM50X, Clear, Custom One Pro, Custom Studio Pro, Dekoni Choice, Dharma, DT1770, DT1880, DT1990, DT770, DT880, DT990, DX2000, Elear, Elex, HD600, HD650, HD660, HD660S, HD6XX, HD700, HD800, HD800S, HDJ1000, HDJ1500, HDJ2k MK2, HE-400S, HE-5, HE-560, HE-6, HE4, HE400i, HE500, HSC-371, HSCD-271, K240, K240m, K240S, K241, K260, K270, K270S, K271, K280, K280 Parabolic, K290, K340, K518, K553, K601, K612PRO, K701, K702, K712PRO, K7XX, KS-H4, LCD-2, LCD-2 Classic, LCD-3, LCD-4, LCD-4z, LCD-MX4, LCD-X, LCD-XC, Massdrop X00, MDR SA5000, MDR-7506, MDR-CDR1000, MDR-V6, MDR2700, MDRV500, MDRV500DJ, MDRV700, MDRV700DJ, MDRV730, MDRX900, MDRZ500, Monolith M1060, Q701, Q702, Quiet Comfort 15, Quiet Comfort 25, Quiet Comfort 35 II, RPDH1200, Senn HD205, Senn HD215, Senn HD225, Senn HD225ii, Senn HD440, Solo 2.0, SRH1540, Studio 2.0, T-X0, T1, T20RP, T20RP MKIII, T40RP, T40RP MKIII, T5, T50RP, T50RP MKIII, T90, Teak, TH-500RP, TH-600, TH-610, TH-900, TH-900MK2, Utopia, WH1000Xm2, Xone XD253, Xone XD53

Not Listed?

If your particular headphones are not listed above, please do contact us as there are many other available options, and the product range is always increasing.

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