Music Streaming Advice

I love everything to do with music streaming and I try and keep up with the latest technology as the industry is currently moving so fast. New acronyms are constantly being invented and it’s hard for customers to stay on top of the latest goings on at all times, so I am more than happy to share what I know to help you get a solution that suits. I am familiar with what software may be best to use on your computer and also how to set up your computer so that you can get the most from it. Streaming has become something of a mainstream way of listening to music and there are now countless devices that try and offer you the same thing, however there are slight differences, some that won't play certain file formats, others that make it easy to access your music and others that make it hard to access your music. I can help you make an informed decision.

If you have any questions but would rather speak with me online then I can normally be found around online on the websites above as PhilW or audiosanctuary.