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CONCERO is the digital processing core of the INVICTA, including its proven Asynchronous USB Audio 2.0, Outstanding Jitter Reduction  capability and the Proprietary Resonessence up-conversion filters delivering 176.4kS/s & 192kS/s from your 44.1kS/s & 48kS/s sources. CONCERO is designed to help you access Resonessence Audio Engineering capabilities while maintaining all your existing audio equipment.

CONCERO is a 192kS/s outstanding audio DAC. We have listened to customers and industy experts who asked us to deliver a soundstage approaching that of the INVICTA in a simplified format. CONCERO is that product. It is the Asynchronous USB Audio 2.0 and Jitter Reduction elements of the INVICTA driving the ESS ES9023 Sabre DAC. In addition, we have added an S/PDIF input/output for those configurations that do not use a USB data source.

CONCERO is designed to help you access Resonessence Audio Engineering capabilities while maintaining all your existing audio equipment.

  • Plug CONCERO into an active USB port and CONCERO enumerates as an audio output device. Now you can use CONCERO with your favorite music player on the MAC or PC, and experience a new level of audio clarity. CONCERO will optionally up-sample your digital 44.1kS/s and 48kS/s provided over the USB, into both an analog output from its internal ESS Sabre DAC’s into your existing audio pre-amplifier inputs, and into a 24 bit ultra low jitter SPDIF stream.
    If you prefer to provide your own data at higher than 48kS/s, CONCERO will render it bit-perfect into the DAC and SPDIF stream while providing exceptional jitter removal.


  • Plug CONCERO into a power-only USB port (of the type used to charge cell phones or similar), and finding no active host, CONCERO will configure to accept SPDIF input. Once again offering to up-sample 44.1kS/s and 48kS/s into high quality 176.4kS/s or 192kS/s, or render it bit-perfect and jitter reduced into to the internal Sabre DAC for your pre-amplifier inputs.

CONCERO responds to the Apple IR Remote for you to conveniently control the USB host track selection and play/pause, and on-the-fly select the ideal internal filter to suite your taste. No glitch or artifact is generated during filter switching, allowing you to audit the filters and choose the optimum.


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DAC Specification

Harmonic Distortion:
< 0.005%
Maximum Sampling Frequency:
Digital Coaxial Input:
Digital USB Input:
Asynchronous USB Data:
RCA Output:

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