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Supra spent over five years in research and development for the new LoRad shielded mains cable, which is now available in the UK.

The benefits of LoRad have been established for some time now - as the cable is one of the few available worldwide that is fully CE approved. The main benefit is the shielding which helps to ensure that other low level signal cables are not affected by the close proximity of the LoRad mains cable - induced RF interference has been one of the biggest bug-bears of high quality audio and video reproduction and so by equipping one's hi-fi or AV system with LoRad, you should both see and hear a difference.

LoRad is a CE-approved audio grade replacement mains cable and it is available for home DIY'ers to terminate with their own choice of mains connectors such as MK Toughplug, Schuko and IEC320 connectors.

You can also buy LoRad 1.5 as a factory terminated, BS approved replacement UK > IEC mains leads.

Basic technical specifications:

LoRad 2.5
3x 2.5mm sq. cores of tin-plated multi-stranded OFC cable
External Diameter: 11.0mm
Brown (Live), Blue (Neutral) and Green/Yellow (Earth) coloured insulation jackets.
Semi-conductive earth insulation - no drain wires !!
High quality 99.99% coverage foil screen
Highly flexible outer insulation (easily passed CE-regulation 2x 30,000x "bends" test !!)
Approx. 16A rating (@ 230V)

LoRad 2.5 can be used for wiring a "spur" from your consumer unit - the box "under the stairs with all your fuses or RCB inside!

LoRad is one of the few audio grade replacement shielded mains cables in the world with full European safety approval Safety approved in compliance with HD 21.5 S3

Tips and Tricks:
A simple way to check the cable radiation is to use an AC field sensor.
Hold the AC sensor against a cable and if it lights up it means the cable is radiating noise fields. Of course, the cable must be connected to the wall socket that is switched on. Check LoRad in the same way and you will find that it does not indicate any noise radiation.

BEFORE, using normal unshielded mains cableAFTER, using LoRad shielded mains cable

Do you see the difference? - the unshielded cable makes the detector glow RED, while the LoRad shielded cable radiates no interference at all.........!

LoRad Screened Mains Flex
The one and only approved for flex applications. A Swedish world patent. Applications:
• Hi-Fi and studio systems
• Medical equipment
• Measurement and laboratory equipment
• For people sensitive to electric/magnetic radiation
• In any application where electric/magnetic interference is critical

Tests and Reviews
Japan, Audio Accessories No 108 ’03
Spain, Alta Fidelidad No 139/02
Spain Pro Audio No 203
Spain On Off No 124
Sweden, Hifi & Musik
UK, Hi-Fi World No.9 '03

Other editorials:
Russia AV Saloon No 05 ’03

LoRad Screened Mains Flex, Patented
1.5 and 2.5 mm² conductor diameters, highly flexible, specification 05VA7V-H 3G2.5.

LoRad stands for Low Radiation of electric and magnetic alternating fields. Protects your equipment from radiated mains noise as well as from RF pick-up. The screen protects from the electric field and a short pitch twisting protects from and cancels the magnetic fields. This will typically result in a cleaner sound and more accurate transients, which in turn give you a tighter bass, better 3-D presence and stereo definition.
Closer to the truth.
Supra’s screening concept is patented worldwide by Tommy Jenving.

Carry out your own test!
Hold an AC-sensor against a cable and if it lights up, the cable is radiating noise fields. Of course, the cable must be connected to the wall socket that is switched on.

SupraLoRad Sensor Pen

Check LoRad in the same way and you will find that it does not indicate any noise radiation. The Supra AC sensor is normally available at any Supra dealer.

SupraLoRad Sensor Pen

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