Supra Sword Excalibur Speaker Cable (Pair)

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Supra Cables have been developing their ultimate speaker cable. The result is Sword Excalibur.

The goal was to make the world’s best speaker cable, with no compromises or shortcuts. Every part of the design must be of the highest quality while still affordable and as usual manufactured in Sweden.

Bifilar-wound litz 5N OFC conductors, twisted and shielded for minimal interference, PE insulation, CNC-milled cable splitter with ground connection, XL-Annorum earth conductor, solid copper rhodium-plated connectors.

Supra CombiCon CB03-EX crimp bodies specially designed for Excalibur, each conductor twisted into the crimp body for maximum bending strength. The uninsulated litz wires are crimped mechanically for a perfect and airtight cable connection. The connector body has a Supra M6 thread, which allows the user choice of interchangeable rhodium-plated Supra spades or banana/BFA pins.

Ground connections are 30 cm long, using Supra XL-Annorum conductors, and specially adapted, Rhodium-plated Supra CombiCon connectors.

In the past, Supra modestly claimed that the original Sword was one of the best cables available, regardless of price or manufacturer. Sword Excalibur takes a few more steps towards total transparency, still the only words that properly describe this patented high-end speaker cable.

The secret? The bifilar-wound litz conductors comprise 24 individually insulated strands per conductor, 12 wound in one direction, the remaining 12 in the opposite, resulting in magnetic field cancellation and very low inductance. Further, this reduces any possible dynamic skin-effect.

Sword Excalibur behaves as a low inductance cable whilst maintaining phase throughout the entire audible frequency range resulting in minimal insertion loss between amplifier and loudspeaker. The only thing not cancelled is the SOUND, allowing you to hear every nuance of the MUSIC, in its full dynamic glory.


  • Brand: Supra Cables
  • Range: Sword Excalibur
  • Conductor Cross-Section Area: 3 mm2 / 12 AWG
  • Conductor Number: 2 pieces
  • Strands Per-Conductor: 12 + 12 pieces
  • Strand Diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Conductor Material: Enamelled Oxygen Free Copper (OFC)
  • Insulation: PE
  • Jacket: PVC
  • External Size: 17.5 mm (diameter)
  • Halogen-Free / Flame Retardant: No

Length Options

Supra Sword Excalibur is available in the following factory lengths. For all other lengths please contact us to discuss your requirements:

  • 2.00 Metre Pair
  • 3.00 Metre Pair
  • 4.00 Metre Pair
  • 5.00 Metre Pair

Termination Options

Supra Sword Excalibur is only supplied pre-terminated with Supra Combicon interchangeable connectors. Supplied with each cable are the following connectors, to fit almost any choice of components:

  • Supra BFA Connectors
  • Supra Banana Plugs
  • Supra Spade Connectors

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Supra Cables
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  • Combicon
  • Single Wire

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  • Speaker Cables
Enamelled Oxygen Free Copper


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