Turntable Advice

How many of you reading this have a turntable in the loft, which you've thought about digging out after years of indifference (for that long promised 60's/70's/ 80's nostalgia party), but are afraid of what you might find ? Well, turntables are amazingly robust items, which despite neglect, seem able to work almost immediately and remind you what humble vinyl is capable of, even after all these years.

However, like any mechanical item, a little tender loving care (ie: maintenance) can go a long way to keeping it going for years, as well as improving it's overall performance. The part that normally needs replacing first is the drive belt, and we are able to find/ fit drive belts for most (unfortunately not all) turntables produced over the last 40 years or so.

Also, as oil does break down over time, a drop of oil in the main bearing (if originally applied) does no harm either, and again, we can assist you with this.

The other item which can need replacing is the stylus (or needle) part of the complete cartridge. Replacement styli from 40 years ago are somewhat harder to obtain, but if not available, a complete replacement cartridge can sometimes be a cost effective alternative.

For those of you who have never gone away from vinyl, we offer a range of services from basic servicing of most turntables to a complete re-setup, which can sometimes be done (or is better completed) at your own home.

If you have any question regarding turntables, please don't hesitate to ask us. If we don't know, we generally can find someone in the industry who does and finally......

WE ALSO SELL RECORDS ! Go on, pick up the phone and ring us.