Vertere Acoustics VeRum Solo Reference Analogue Interconnect Cable

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Reference-standard veRum Solo Analogue Interconnect Cable, superlative performance closest in design and sonic attainment to Vertere’s benchmark Pulse-HB.

Developed from Vertere’s benchmark Pulse-HB cable, veRum Analogue Interconnect Cable is internally configured and optimised for unrestricted dynamics while preserving the intricate low level detail. Constant source noise floor of line level signal, or varying noise floor of pre out, is kept to a minimum resulting in an unequivocally musical experience. It’s ideal for use in both Line Level and Pre Out applications.

Manufactured on precision machines with the most delicate tolerance cable manufacturing machinery in Europe. veRum brings a large proportion of the reference Pulse HB's neutrality, dynamics and even-handed performance without the high costs involved in being hugely labour intensive and using wire so delicate that four together are thinner than a human hair.

veRum Solo includes two VeRum cables and a separate Special Ground/Power Conductor set. The extra set includes two tinned high-purity copper conductors with a PVC dielectric, shielded by a special foil and tinned copper braid, all enclosed in a PVC outer. Surrounding all three PVC enclosed wires is a cotton filler for damping and a final PVC outer jacket for protection.


Each veRum Solo cable (one channel) contains:

  • Two signal and two return Pulse Hairline silver-plated high-purity copper multi-stranded wires with an FEP dielectric.
  • One signal and one return Microline silver-plated high-purity copper multi-stranded wires insulated with an FEP dielectric.
  • One signal and one return Modeline silver-plated high-purity copper multi-stranded wires with an FEP dielectric.

Available Lengths

Vertere Acoustics veRum Solo Analogue Interconnects are available with RCA and XLR connectors in the following lengths:

  • 1.15 metres
  • 1.65 metres
  • 2.15 metres
  • 2.65 metres
  • 3.15 metres
  • 3.65 metres
  • 4.15 metres
  • 4.65 metres
  • 5.15 metres
  • Custom lengths available - Please call us!


  • Type: Stereo Interconnect Cable (2 x Interconnects, 1 x Ground/Power & Outer Covering)
  • Termination / Length: RCA, XLR 1.15 m (Additional lengths in 0.5 m steps)
  • Cable Type: x9 Conductors, Vertere Pulse Multi Type, x1 Ground, x4 Signal (Hot), x4 Signal (Return)
  • Ground/Power: x2 Conductors & Braid
  • Outer: Filler & Braid
  • Conductor: High Purity Copper
  • Plating: Silver, Tin
  • Insulation: FEP, PVC
  • Shield: Main Braid + Special foil Inner Wrap – on all four cables
  • Connector: Vertere veRum RCA & XLR – Gold Plated contacts, x2 Splitters with 210 mm free cable – on both ends, 4.7 mm Dia. – interconnect
  • Size: 4.7 mm Dia. – interconnects, 3.0 mm Dia. – Ground/Power, 12.0 mm Dia. – Outer, 18.0 mm Dia. – Splitter

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