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We specialise in providing our clients with the best headphones or best in ear headphones that money can buy. Our expansive range of bluetooth, noise cancelling, wireless and wired high quality headphones suit dedicated portable audio players. Or we have apple headphones and earphones with lightning connections to wire directly to your iphone.
Along with a massive selection of headphones we have the expertise and knowledge to advise you on your specific requirements. Whether that be running earphones, home listening HiFi Headphones or maybe you want to listen to music with headphones whilst commuting. We can provide you with all the information you need to make the right purchase that suits your exacting needs.
Headphones offer a great insight into the music that cannot be achieved by a traditional hifi system. It can be more intimate and involving and is much easier to get "right" with no room acoustics to worry about. We are the Worlds headphone specialists and can supply an enormous range of products from the best brands across the globe. Alongside our wealth of knowledge we can help you get a pair that specifically suits you and what you listen to.
We understand that many people's ears are different and we can offer advice on exactly which headphone best suit your listening preferences and what you will be using to listen to them on.

B&W PX Wireless Luxury Headphones
B&W Loudspeakers, Try In Store, Black

Enjoy the excquisite B&W PX wireless luxury headphones. The PX from Bowers & Wilkins feature 50 years of award-winning acoustic...

B&W P9 Headphones
B&W Loudspeakers, Try In Store, Black

Enjoy the excquisite B&W P9 headphones. About the Product The P9 Signature deliver pristine sound that...


B&W P5 Headphone Replacement Case
CODE: PP32824

This is an Official replacement Bowers and Wilkins P5 pouch. Size: 21cm x 16cm x 5cm


B&W P7 Headphone Replacement Case
CODE: PP3282455

This is an Official replacement Bowers and Wilkins P7 pouch.


B&W P5 RC iPod & Mp3 Headphones - Manufacturer Reconditioned Black
£208.21   £156.22  
B&W Loudspeakers, Black / Silver

These headphones have been reconditioned by B&W and may show some signs of wear and tear, however they include all the packaging and accessories and...


B&W P5 Wireless Headphones
B&W Loudspeakers, Black / Silver

After the outstanding success of the original B&W P5 and the Series 2 headphones , the need for wireless headphones has grown over the last 6...


B&W P5 Series 2

Introducing the latest edition of B&W's classic on-ear noise-isolating headphones. This edition retains the original’s understated style and...


B&W P3 RC Headphones - Manufacturer Reconditioned
£140.83   £104.17  

  Real life deserves a great soundtrack The P3 headphones combine pristine audio performance with maximum wearability. The slimline headphones fit...

B&W P5 Series 2 Headphone Replacement Case
CODE: PP328242

This is an Official replacement Bowers and Wilkins P5 Series 2 pouch. Size: 21cm x 16cm x 5cm


B&W C5 Series 2 Earphones
B&W Loudspeakers, Black / Silver

C5 Series 2 In-Ear Headphones with Secure Loop design Thanks to improvements in small-scale drive unit design, the latest version of our C5 in-ear...


B&W P5 Headphones White - Manufacturer Reconditioned
B&W Loudspeakers, Black / Silver

Get closer to your favourite music wherever you are with P5, the noise-isolating headphones from the makers of the Zeppelin iPod speaker. Drawing on 45...



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